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Diesel Engine Lab

Diesel DynatronixTM is a portable diesel engine performance analysis system comprised of a two-cylinder industrial diesel engine driving an air-cooled dynamometer. 

The eddy-current dynamometer is induction-loaded through an integrated 48 volt DC variable-excitation system.  A built-in torque arm (1 foot in length) actuates a load cell (calibrated to read in lbs) to provide a direct torque readout in ft-lbs. 

Diesel Dynatronix

The total system is controlled by a built-in Industrial Human-Machine Interface (HMI) which communicates with an integrated Allen Bradley Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) to control an engine start/stop, throttle position servo drive and dynamometer loading.  

The PAC will enable PID feedback control to automatically adjust engine speed based on dynamometer loading (torque).  This provides an opportunity to program a variety of operational scenarios that demonstrate the capabilities of diesel power.

Diesel DynaTronics will measure and display the following system operational conditions:
• Engine Head Pressure
• Engine Fuel Pressure
• Engine Oil Pressure

• Engine Head Temperature
• Engine Oil Temperature
• Engine Exhaust Gas Temperature

• Engine RPM
• Engine Fuel Flow
• Engine Torque
• Engine Power (Horsepower and Watts)

• Dynamometer Excitation Voltage
• Dynamometer Excitation Current