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Sunday, January 25, 2015
  • Two Men Delmonstrate How to Use a Gas Turbine

    Turbojet Engine Unit

    The MiniLab™ Gas Turbine Power System is a self-contained jet engine laboratory featuring the purpose built SR-30 Turbojet engine. All aspects of gas turbine theory, fluids and thermodynamics are easily demonstrated and readily explored.   Learn More About Gas Turbine Lab

  • Two Students Demonstrate How to Use a Steam Turbine

    Steam Turbine Unit

    RankineCycler™ is delivered as a complete and ready to operate steam-electric power plant. About the size of an average office desk, RankineCycler™ entails beautifully-crafted working components, including a multi-pass boiler, axial-flow steam turbine, AC/DC generator and a condenser tower.  Learn More About Steam Turbine Lab

  • Teacher Demonstrates to a Student How to Use a Centrifugal Pump

    Pump / Process Control Unit

    PumpLab™ is a combination Centrifugal Flow and Programmable Process Control system for education. It features a totally see-through flow circuit with 3 interchangeable pump impeller profiles for centrifugal pump characteristic training.  Learn More About Centrifugal Pump Lab

  • TrueStructures Strain Analysis lab - Measurement Test System

    Structures Lab

    The TrueStructures™ Strain Analysis Lab is a complete system for the exploration of countless structural engineering problems involving bending, torsion and combined loads. Through a loading apparatus and strain measurement system, students are able to see how their theoretical understanding compares with measurements taken on actual hardware.  Learn More About Structures Lab

  • Man Demonstrates How to Use a Gas Turbine Engine

    Turboshaft Engine Unit

    TurboGen™ is a self-contained gas turbine electrical generation system expressly designed for energy conversion research and education. The exclusive SR-30 Gas Turbine Engine is coupled, with a free power turbine, to a three-phase generator and forms the heart of an energy generation package built for liquid fuel to electric energy conversion analysis.  Learn More About TurboGen™ Lab 

  • Woman Demonstrates How to Use the Wind Turbine Lab

    Wind Turbine Unit

    The WindLab™ wind turbine electrical generation system is housed in a self-contained wind tunnel and comes with a programmable variable speed wind source.
    Learn More About WindLab

Welcome To Turbine Technologies, LTD.

Turbine Technologies is a United States manufacturer of premier educational laboratory equipment. Our products offer engineering and technical college students unique learning opportunities. Since 1986, Turbine Technologies has been partnering with faculty and instructors worldwide via the design and manufacture of turnkey classroom devices that support educational objectives in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Our products offer real world experience in engineering and technology disciplines that include:

Engineering Lab Equipment From "Art To Part" With In-House Capabilities

Turbine Technologies prides itself in its in-house capability to take ideas from "art to part". Our engineers and craftsmen utilize a number of software tools to create first article virtual prototypes. These electronic design concepts are transformed into production models via our on-site rapid prototyping lab, 5-axis CNC machines, super alloy vacuum investment casting foundry, and numerous other supporting elements. 
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