What people are saying

"[We] were really impressed by your laboratory equipment. The students enjoyed seeing it all in action! They are especially interested in the jet engine system."

Dr. Mihai Burzo

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering University of Michigan Flint

"It was a great visit and very informative. The other faculty also found it to be very useful also."

Dr. Mehmet Sozen

Professor and Chair, Mechanical Engineering Grand Valley State University

"Allen did a great job. And that the trailer was great and that his students had a great time and learned a lot, his only wish was that it was later in the semester, because they just started to learn what they had seen in the trailer."

Michael McGowan

Instructor, Robotics and Electronics Southwestern Michigan College

"Wonderful, Allen did a great job, the student learned a lot. I am going to send out thank you to them."

Monica Groenenboom

Instructor, Engineering Calvin College

"Allen did a great job and he made sure that all the professors and students got all their questions answered, and all the information they need. Dr. Martins said also that Rob jump in and also did a nice job getting information to everyone; A nice time was had by all."

Dr. Lauber Martins

Professor, Physics Andrews University

"Things went really well they had three groups of students going through the trailer. It was very interesting for everyone."

Dr. William Liou

Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Western Michigan University