Creating Innovative Laboratory Systems For Engineering & Technical Education

Civil Engineering Lab Equipment

Are you looking for equipment to bring the classroom to life? With our systems, your students will have more fun learning than you could have expected. What are you interested in?

Do you teach Structures?

True Technologies

Our TrueStructuresTM Strain Analysis System gives your students an excellent progression of primary structures that teach the fundamentals of load strain. Individual I-beam, tube and airfoil structure are fitted with strategic strain gauges. Students load each structure and record strain values at each strain station. Analysis is then done to determine how much strain each component is subject to for different loading scenarios. The system may look simplistic, but rest assured, it will provide an exciting and challenging environment for learning a fairly complex topic in a building block fashion.

Do you teach Fluid Mechanics, centrifugal pumping, or process logic control?

Fluid Mechtronics Lab

Do Civil Engineers get involved with pumping and process control? Well, of course they do! Municipal Water Distribution, Wastewater Management and Flood Control are just a few of the many scenarios that require pumping and process control. The FluidMechatronixTM offers students the opportunity to learn how centrifugal pumping works and how to apply it to various pumping process scenarios using signal feedback loops. They’ll observe and study the destructive phenomenon of Cavitation and learn how to minimize this energy and performance thief. With the on-board data acquisition system and LabViewTM generated Virtual Instrument panel, students can actually observe and report on performance characteristics of specific pump impeller profiles and how they fare in particular process flow control scenarios. Students can even design and test their own impeller designs to see if they can improve upon the supplied profiles.

This is your opportunity to give your students hands-on experience with civil engineering equipment.