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WindLab™ Electrical Generation System

WindLab™ is housed in a self-contained wind tunnel and includes a variable frequency drive for programming custom wind profiles. Its 3-phase generator is driven by a planetary gearbox. A unique aspect includes rapid prototyped airfoils that enable open-ended student design.

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State of the Art Technology

This state-of-the-art wind power education system features custom on-board instrumentation created with LabVIEW™ and has an open architecture for student designed instrumentation and data collection.

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WindLab™ is a classroom-sized energy power plant built to last with aerospace grade components including an all alloy planetary gear box, 3-phase power generator, cut-away gondola cover, a stainless steel tower, and rapid prototyped blades.

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Purchase Specifications
  • A wind turbine electric power plant designed for engineering classrooms, wind energy training, and research.
  • A programmable wind fan and scale wind turbine mounted in a rigid, mobile wind tunnel cabinet.
  • Wind fan to be driven by on-board, variable frequency drive with panel mounted speed controller.
  • Wind turbine to be industry-standard three blade horizontal axis configuration with adjustable/replaceable blades.
  • Wind turbine to drive planetary gear configuration step-up gear box.
  • Generator to consist of a three phase, DC excited 8 pole rotor, eight pole three phase stator with alternating current output.
  • Unit to include operator panel-mounted generator voltage and current meters for each electrical power phase.
  • Load to be supplied by three operator panel-mounted rheostats, adjusted equally for balanced load, or unequally for unbalanced load scenarios.
  • To be supplied with a USB based digital data acquisition system complete with computer and user configurable data acquisition software capable of measuring, recording and displaying analog, digital and frequency signals, including: Wind Speed, Turbine Rotor Speed, Generator RPM, Voltage, Current, Power and Frequency.
  • Equipped with calibrated transducers capable of measuring all elements required for data acquisition system.
  • All metal surfaces to be stainless steel, anodized, or powder coated to promote durability and wear resistance.
  • Provided with a comprehensive Operator’s Manual with design, operation, and construction information.
  • Provided with summary operating checklists and safety instructions for all operating conditions.
  • To be covered by a free two-year warranty.

Wind energy education today for tomorrow's wind turbine technicians!