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TrueStructures Stress Exploration Lab

The following procedures outline the necessary steps to determine the stress state at the various strain gauge locations throughout the wing.

Ten Easy Steps to Data Collection:

  1. Connect the TrueStructures Strain Bridge Controller to the plug located on the trailing edge of the wing.
  2. Remove all load from the wing (turn the loading wheel counter-clockwise until the loading arm is no longer in contact with the load cell).
  3. Turn the Strain Bridge Controller on and allow approximately 10 minutes for the internal compensation gauges to stabilize in temperature.
  4. Beginning with Channel A, record the Unloaded voltage displayed on the STRAIN panel meter in the Strain Calculator at right.
  5. Cycle through all 12 Channels, recording the Unloaded voltage for each. When finished, return the Channel selector to Channel A.
  6. Record the unloaded tare load displayed on the LOAD panel meter.
  7. Apply a load to the wing by turning the loading wheel clockwise. The total applied load will be the value of LOAD panel meter less any tare value recorded in Step 6.
  8. As before, cycle through all 12 Channels, recording the Loaded voltage for each.
  9. With a complete set of Unloaded and Loaded values entered into the Strain Calculator, press the Calculate button. The Strain at each location will be calculated and displayed.
  10. The calculated Strain values can then be used to determine the stress state at each sensor location for the given load.

The default Gauge Factor value is for reference only, please see the factory calibration sheet for values of actual strain gauges installed.

The Applied Load input box is for reference only and provides a convenient place to record the load resulting in the voltages recorded. It does NOT factor into the strain calculation on this worksheet.

Strain Calculator
Excitation Voltage (mV)
Gauge Factor (2.09 Default)
Channel Unloaded Loaded Strain
Applied Load - Reference Only