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Industrial Engineering Lab Equipment

What does a company with a name like Turbine Technologies offer for Industrial Engineering education?

Do you teach fluid pumping and/or process logic control?

Fluid Mechatronix

We’ve got something pretty neat for you. Industrial engineers are typically those unsung heroes that make the production processes work that produce the products we enjoy. Fluid pumping and process control are two areas industrial engineers make their mark in industry. Our FluidMechatronixTM provides an excellent hands-on educational experience. Students learn how centrifugal pumps work and how performance curves are developed. They also see first-hand, in the clear view flow circuit, how the nasty phenomenon called cavitation occurs and what to do about it. They then take this new found performance knowledge and use it to learn about programming automatic pump process performance- based on feedback signal loops, ladder logic programming and many other topics of automation. The integrated PLC/PAC and touchscreen human machine interface (HMI) allow students to monitor all performance parameters in real time while the data is being recorded for later analysis.