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Wisconsin State Representative Roger Rivard visits Turbine Technologies

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Wisconsin’s 75th District Representative, Roger Rivard, recently took time out of his busy schedule to visit Turbine Technologies, Ltd. (TTL) of Chetek, WI.   “Mr. Rivard’s visit allowed our group to familiarize him with our company and specifically to discuss future job creation opportunities at our facility”, stated Perry Kuznar, TTL VP.  

Wolfgang Kutrieb, TTL founder and company president, thanked Mr. Rivard for his successful efforts in moving the district forward- specifically with his recent jobs creation bill that passed the Wisconsin Senate by a margin of 26-7.  Mr. Kutrieb went on to say that “Our family business has been operating in Chetek since 1978 and we’ve witnessed the impact, both positively and negatively, of the vision and actions of our political representatives.  We greatly appreciate the fact that Mr. Rivard comes from a small business background and that he shares our vision in job creation.    Our products ship to over 100 countries worldwide with an export rate that approaches 60%.  Our continued growth in this market sector will require additional investments and we look forward to a cooperative working relationship that will grow opportunities at our company and within this rural district.”


Left to Right: Perry Kuznar, Wolfgang Kutrieb & Rep. Roger Rivard


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