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Friday, December 19, 2014
TurboGen™ Gas Turbine Electrical Generation System
Gas powered lab equipment

TurboGen™ is a self-contained gas turbine electrical generation system expressly designed for energy conversion research and education.  The exclusive SR-30 Gas Turbine Engine coupled to an electric generator form the heart of an energy generation package built for liquid fuel to electric energy conversion analysis.

Alternative fuel formulations such as bio-diesels can be tested with TurboGen™ to explore their operating characteristics, energy to power conversion efficiency, and emissions.

To compliment the impressive hands-on hardware, the gas powered TurboGen™ features an extensive sensor suite, National Instruments Data Acquisition System, and LabVIEWTM
Interactive Virtual Instrument Panel which allows all operational data to be monitored and recorded in real time.

The TurboGenTM Interactive Virtual Instrument (VI) Panel is a high-powered extension of the system’s main operator control panel.  This LabVIEWTM generated VI offers a real-time graphical cutaway perspective of the system operation which allows operators to “look inside”.  All system operating parameters are displayed as they occur with system locations clearly indicated on the cutaway graphic.

Virtual Instrument (Click to Enlarge)

Pressures, temperatures, fuel flow, voltage, current, and power parameters are displayed in numerical display windows.  Gas engine and generator RPM are displayed on analog-style round meters for a neat visual cue.  (The readings are also displayed digitally below each meter).

The real-time plotting feature lets the operator plot any parameter on screen as it occurs in order to provide a clear sense of how the data is reacting to the actual system operating conditions.  Operators can toggle between all the parameters to watch them graphically.  Data logging functionality is conveniently controlled from the VI screen.  All the jet engine power data can be observed and tracked as it affects the electric generator data.  System units can be changed with a simple click of the mouse.

Feeding this interactive VI is data from the on-board National Instruments 6218 Data Acquisition System.  That same data is also stored in computer for later retrieval and analysis. 

Researchers and students alike will find TurboGen™ easy to operate while providing extensive performance capabilities.  The engine is fully throttle-able while the gas generator can be loaded over a wide operational range giving researchers and students a broad, combined, study bandwidth.

TurboGen™ features many innovative operational sub-systems including a fuel-cooled alternator, exhaust powered cabinet cooling fan, integrated resistive load element, and custom speed tach generators. TurboGen™ comes standard with unsurpassed factory-direct support.  If you demand more than virtual reality for your gas power research or educational lab, TurboGen™ is as real as it gets.

Turbine Technologies, Ltd. Delivers First TurboGen™ System to Russian University

Chetek, WI, April 9, 2010--Turbine Technologies, Ltd. (TTL) has announced the shipment of its very first commercially configured TurboGen™ Gas Turbine Electrical Generation System to Perm State Technological University in Moscow, Russia.

Based on TTL’s highly successful Mini-Lab™ Gas Turbine Power System, TurboGen™ features an integrated free turbine driven electrical generation system designed to output up to 1 kW of continuous power. This purpose designed system will enable engineering students and researchers to study a wide range of electric generation system loading scenarios and analyze their operational characteristics.

A fully integrated National Instruments™ Data Acquisition System and highly expandable LabView™ data display will provide engineering students and researchers uncompromised flexibility in studying real time system properties while building concurrent run-time data files.

TurboGen™ hosts some highly innovative features, including; a variable excitation current controller for the alternator rotor, fuel-cooled alternator, exhaust powered cabinet cooling fan, and integrated resistive load element.

Turbo-Gen™ is ideally suited for performance testing of new bio-diesel type fuel formulations which are anticipated to eventually replace some fossil fuels in full-scale commercial power generation systems. 

For more information: info@turbinetechnologies.com

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Product Summary

  • Gas-Turbine-Driven Genset
  • Portable, Self-Contained and Ready to Operate
  • National InstrumentsTM  DAQ System with Expandable LabVIEWTM Displays
  • Complete Thermodynamic Teaching Solution
  • Open-Ended Design to Meet ABET Criterion 3a,b,c,d,e,k and 4 Objectives
  • Nothing More to Add or Buy - Ready to Start Teaching upon Delivery
  • Supplied with a Comprehensive Operator’s Manual, Checklists and Safety Instructions
  • Industry Leading Warranty with Unsurpassed End-User Support
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA

If you demand more than virtual reality for your research or educational lab, TurboGen™ is as real as it gets.  Click on the links below to learn more about the gas turbine powered Turbo Gen Lab:



CAD Models

Purchase Specifications

  • A complete micro turbine genset to consist of an engine/generator combination designed and manufactured specifically for engineering education. 
  • Engine must utilize an axial flow turbine stage, a reverse flow annular combustor, a free power turbine stage and a centrifugal compressor stage. 
  • System to include a USB connected laptop computer interfaced with National InstturmentsTM hardware and customized LabVIEW™ VI displays. 
  • System sensor package to entail 15 data reading points to include compressor inlet temperature and pressure, compressor stage exit temperature and pressure, turbine inlet temperature and pressure, power turbine inlet temperature and pressure, power turbine exit temperature and pressure, fuel flow, engine core RPM, power turbine RPM, generator current and power.
  • Engine to be of current manufacture and consisting of all new components. 
  • Traceable and verifiable material to be used throughout engine. 
  • All elements comprising the system to be contained in a rigid steel chassis mounted on rolling castors. 
  • Complete system not to require permanent facility modification or additions. 
  • Complete genset to be mounted behind transparent protective shields allowing clear view during operation. 
  • Fully automatic engine start and operational health monitoring system provided with LCD status readout and cumulative run-time cycle count. 
  • Representative engine components and technical data optionally available for teaching use and training aids. 
  • Manufacturer to guarantee spares availability and provide technical support services for core engine and power system.
  • To be covered by a free two-year warranty.

Experimental Opportunities

  • Energy relationships and the First Law of Thermodynamics.
  • Cycle analysis and the Second Law of Thermodynamics.
  • Control volume analysis.
  • Entropy and enthalpy analysis.
  • Isentropic analysis.
  • Electric power generation analysis.
  • Cycle and component efficiency studies.
  • FEA & CFD analysis via available component CAD models.
  • Airfoil velocity vector diagram construction.
  • Experimental and data acquisition technique.