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Turbine Technologies' first and only gas turbine engine manufacturer to offer electronic models to enhance education

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Turbine Technologies, Ltd. has recently announced the addition of a new software piece that will enhance the educational experience offered by our fully functioning gas turbine lab products (MiniLab and TurboGen). 

Image does not display complete model set

"We're the only equipment manufacturer of a turnkey jet engine demonstrator that not only offers a complete data acquisition solution, but now also offers a software piece that entails electronic solid models of all aerodynamic flow components and their related material properties", said new business development manager Perry Kuznar, P.E.  This package will allow follow on analysis with F.E.A and C.F.D. tools and even more basic calculations like velocity vector diagrams.  As solid models, these files will also offer mass properties and be able to provide volume and component weights.  

Toby Kutrieb, VP explains "We are uniquely positioned to offer these files because of the fact that we are the original designer and manufacturer of the SR30 turbojet engine.  Other providers of this type of equipment typically package surplus engine solutions, or even use hobby engines developed around automotive turbocharger parts and are therefore not privy to the actual design files".  For additional information, please click here.