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Pump Trainer Offers Process Control Capabilities

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Pump Trainer Offers Process Control Capabilities
Turbine Technologies, Ltd. has announced the addition of Programmable Process Control capabilities to their PumpLab™ Centrifugal Flow Pump Educational System. Engineering and Technical students, as well Plant Engineers, Operators and Technicians can now learn the intricacies of centrifugal pumping and then use that knowledge to learn about programmable process control.

PumpLab™ features a Clear View Flow Circuit, Variable Frequency Pump Motor Drive, Interchangeable pump impellers, integrated sensors and USB Style Data Acquisition System. The Programmable Variable Frequency drive allows the motor to run at any speed from 0 to 1800 RPM while performing the pure pumping educational experiments. It becomes a programmable pump motor controller in the Process Control Mode. Operators learn about setting parameters for either flow or pressure in the system and then having feedback loops from pressure or flow transducers automatically dictate how fast the motor should be spinning the pump.

A detailed sample lab procedure is included with the system for new operators to follow along to quickly gain the knowledge of all this system can do.

Clear View Flow Circuit

Process Control Mode