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Turbine Technologies Ltd. Introduces New Gas Turbine Genset for Energy Education and Research

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New Gas Turbine Genset for Energy Education and ResearchTurbine Technologies, Ltd. (TTL) is on track for April delivery of its new TurboGen™ gas turbine electrical power generating station.

Based on TTL’s highly successful propulsion MiniLab™ Gas Turbine Power System, TurboGen™ features the addition of an integrated, free-turbine driven generator module. This fully functioning, purpose designed system will enable engineering students and researchers to study a variety of electrically driven modular loads and analyze their operational characteristics using “peaking style” power generation.

A fully integrated National Instruments™ Data Acquisition System and highly expandable data display will provide engineering students and researchers uncompromised flexibility in studying real time system properties while building concurrent run-time data files.

TurboGen™ is ideally suited for performance testing of new bio-diesel type fuel formulations which are anticipated to eventually replace some fossil fuels in full-scale commercial power generation systems.

Data Acquisition & Gas Flow Path Screen Shot (Below)

Data Acquisition & Gas Flow Path Screen Shot

TTL plans to offer introductory pricing on a limited number of systems.

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