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Engineering TV features PT-50 Turboshaft Engine

Posted in: Gas Turboshaft Lab

The Turbine Technologies PT-50 turbo shaft engine offers a new heavy fuel solution for UAV’s requiring a 50 HP class engine. With its minimal volume and a complete flight ready weight of only 30.6 pounds, the engine exhibits excellent power density. The free power turbine design entails three primary sections: a gasifier core, an accessory section and a power module. The gasifier core contains a radial flow compressor stage, a reverse flow annular combustor and an axial flow turbine stage. Six high pressure atomization nozzles allow for routine starting and operation on heavy fuels. The power module includes an axial flow free turbine and a high speed gearbox with a 19.6:1 reduction ratio. The accessory gearbox entails an engine driven fuel pump, oil pump, two scavenge pumps and an engine driven starter/generator; enabling autonomous electric starting throughout an extreme ambient temperature range.

Hosted by: Lee Teschler Videography by: Terry Knight Edited by: Curtis Ellzey