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ANSYS CFX-BladeGen Software Aids Turbomachinery Component Design and Manufacture

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ANSYS CFX-BladeGen Software Aids Turbomachinery Component Design and Manufacture at Turbine Technologies, LTD.

Turbine Technologies recently completed the purchase of another new round of engineering software. ANSYS CFX (BladeModeler and DesignModeler) allow rapid definition of axial and radial flow blade rows and is part of a more complex suite of numerical based turbomachinery-specific analysis tools.

ANSYS BladeModeler provides the essential link between blade design and advanced simulation including CFD, stress and modal analyses. ANSYS BladeModeler contains a rich set of tools and functions for designing a turbomachinery blade from scratch, using industry-specific tools, workflow, and language that the blade designer expects.

ANSYS CFX-BladeGen Software

ANSYS BladeModeler can import the design data from existing CAD models and can prepare it for rapid or detailed design simulation and analysis, as well as further modifications. If generation of fresh geometry is required, meanline sizing tools for centrifugal compressors and centrifugal pumps and volutes are included. Given the machine duty such as mass flow, pressure ratio, head or speed, as well as geometric constraints, PCA Engineers Vista CCD or CPD is embedded to provide geometry and essential non-dimensional performance parameters. Once basic blade design exists within BladeModeler, a true 3-D CAD solid model can be created including the hub metal, blade fillets, cutoffs and trims.

Wolfgang Kutrieb, TTL’s company president and founder stated that “This acquisition will most certainly enhance the accuracy and speed of our complex blade geometry generation and we’re looking forward to the completion of site specific training (scheduled to take place this month). We’ve been investigating various advanced tools for this task and the folks at ANSYS impressed us with their pre-purchase support and industry standard platform.”