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Turbine Technologies Awarded $1.18 million Contract for Gas Turbine Engine Performance Enhancement

Posted in: General News

After a year of proposals and negotiations, Turbine Technologies, LTD has been awarded a contract with the United States Army Aviation and Missile Command for $1.18 million. This contract is intended for continued development of the Company's PT-50 turboshaft engine designed for usage in Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The engine is particularly attractive for such applications because of its low weight, high-power output and ability to use so called "heavy" fuels such as diesel and biodiesel blends.

The money will be specifically used to increase the Company's engineering and engine testing capability. The Company is currently investigating various software packages that will enhance its design capability and allow it to make engine improvements without the need for extensive experimentation. Engine testing capabilities are being expanded to allow for long-term engine endurance testing - a requirement of the contract. Endurance testing is necessary to prove the overall engine design and to verify integrity of various components.

The contract is set to begin in October and will be active through the fall of 2008. The Company intends on having engines available for airborne testing at the conclusion of the Contract.