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Rankine Cycle Experiment From The University of Calgary

Posted in: Steam Turbine Lab

The Rankine cycle is the vapor power cycle used in most large industrial power plants. It operates by boiling a working fluid (most often water) using a heat source (coal combustion, nuclear fusion, solar energy), expanding the high pressure steam through a turbine to produce mechanical work, condensing of the steam back into the liquid phase, and pumping it back into the boiler to complete the cycle. Although the experiment performed in this laboratory is not a closed cycle, it demonstrates many of the aspects of the closed Rankine cycle. The RankineCycler experimental apparatus manufactured by Turbine Technologies is used in this experiment to demonstrate the principles of a vapor power cycle.

University: The University of Calgary
Department: Faculty of Engineering
Laboratory: ENME 485 Mechanical Engineering Thermodynamics Laboratory
Experiment 4: Download The Rankine Cycle Experiment in PDF Format