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University of Aalborg, Denmark’s Product Support Request Results in a New Software Offering

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Professor Lasse Rosendahl, Ph.D., of Aalborg University in Denmark, recently acquired Turbine Technologies’ (TTL) new software offering to facilitate Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and bio-fuels combustion studies.

Todd Gaines, a product applications specialist at TTL stated: “Prof. Rosendahl contacted me to let me know their engine is functioning well, but he has some additional needs for his on-going research and teaching efforts. As the original equipment manufacturer of Professor Rosendahl’s gas turbine laboratory and SR30 turbojet engine, we’re uniquely qualified to provide total support and I asked him for additional details. Following some back and forth with Gary Mikolon in our engineering group, the end result is a software download that entails all major components of the SR30 turbojet engine. We’ve included all bladed compressor components along with the combustion chamber model, turbine components and shrouds/cases”.

Perry Kuznar, TTL’s Vice President added: “This is a very unique offering and due to intellectual property concerns, I don’t believe any other engine manufacturer would provide this type of information. We’re different in that our primary goal is to support teaching and research efforts.”

CFD Nodes with Mesh of SR30 Turbojet Engine Centrifugal Flow Compressor

The software download of these electronic models will facilitate a real-world CFD experience for students worldwide and also support bio fuels research at Aalborg University. Combined with Turbine Technologies’ Gas Turbine Lab, students can now complete more exhaustive theoretical modeling of the complex flows present in high speed turbo machinery and then compare those results with empirical data gathered following actual engine runs.” For purchase inquiries, please contact: