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Major Facilities Acquisition Completed

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Company Quadruples Available Office, Production and Testing Space

To better position itself for future growth, Turbine Technologies, LTD announced today the completion of a major facilities acquisition. The new property, located on seven acres immediately adjacent to the current facility, increases the Company's total office, production and testing space to 41,000 square feet.

"We're very pleased to have completed this purchase," said Mike Kutrieb, VP of Turbine Technologies. "Our growth over the last year has been limited by the available space in our current building. Recent machine tool acquisitions, improvements to our existing small-engine test cells, raw materials buildup and an additional office build-out has consumed what little space we had left. This acquisition adds over 32,000 square feet to our total space giving us the opportunity for significant expansion."

"Our first priority is to update our foundry equipment and capabilities. The existing foundry is rather dated and only allows a fraction of the throughput required of our near-term production goals. Last fall we purchased a new, solid-state induction furnace controller but simply did not have the space to integrate it into our existing foundry. With the new building, we not only have the room to get this modern system operational, but to also significantly improve the layout and therefore the efficiency of the entire investment casting process. Our turbine engine production capabilities will increase by an order of magnitude by this improvement alone."

"Testing of our larger engines, those being developed for worldwide UAV usage have also been constrained due to limited space. With our current building, we had to move our test rigs outside for each engine run. Open space within the new building as well as that available in a secured, fenced yard will allow the opportunity to build permanent engine testing positions allowing for much more comprehensive performance and endurance evaluation. Untold efficiencies will be afforded through these permanent engine testing facilities."

"Educational product work including new product development has also been limited due to existing space constraints. We've been looking to increase our engineering and production personnel for some time but simply haven't had the room to house them. The new building has nearly 5,000 square feet of office space alone thereby eliminating this limitation."  "We are very fortunate that this new facility is immediately adjacent to our present location on the Chetek airport. The transition into this new facility should be entirely seamless with no notice by our current customers and vendors. We're looking forward to an exciting year with many opportunities for growth and new product development. Turbine Technologies will no doubt benefit from this acquisition for years to come."