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Congressman David Obey Praises Vision of Turbine Technologies

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Turbine Technologies hosted United States Congressman David Obey, Wisconsin Senator Bob Jauch and Wisconsin Representative Mary Hubler and thanked them for their assistance in securing a U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command research and development contract.

Congressman David Obey Gives Praise

The contract, awarded in September, requires Turbine Technologies to evaluate its PT-30 light turboshaft engine for use in Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TUAV) applications. TUAVs are finding increasing application in military roles deemed too dangerous for military personnel. TUAVs typical of the type that could utilize the PT-30 engine are presently deployed in the skies over Afghanistan and Iraq.

"Turbine Technologies sincerely appreciates Congressman Obey's efforts in helping secure this important development contract," said Turbine Technologies Vice President Mike Kutrieb. "We look forward to showcasing our capabilities and contributing to the government's efforts to utilize TUAVs for dangerous or difficult missions."

Obey, Jauch and Hubler toured Turbine Technologies' facilities and met with various employees. In addition to reviewing progress on the PT-30 development, Congressman Obey was briefed on Turbine Technologies educational product division and given the opportunity to try his hand at operating several products used throughout the country and around the world for engineering education and scientific research.

Obey said he would continue to make sure people in key places were aware of Turbine Technologies' capabilities in order to promote the business around the country and the world.




Pictured above, from left to right:  Mike Kutrieb, Wolfgang Kutrieb, State Senator, Bob Jauch, State Representative Mary Hubler and Congressman David Obey