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Five-Axis Machining Arrives at Turbine Technologies

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Conceptual Geometry to Finished Hardware in a Matter of Hours

To expand its capabilities and further facilitate rapid product development, Turbine Technologies completed installation of its recently purchased five-axis CNC milling machine. 

Five Axis CNC Milling

"We are excited to begin operation of this new tool in our efforts to further development of light, gas turbine engines for both commercial and military applications," said Mike Kutrieb, VP of Turbine Technologies. "Gas turbines are fundamentally simple machines with inherently complex components. The centrifugal flow compressor utilized in our SR-30 engine is a good example of this. With complex aerodynamic shapes, undercuts and difficult angles throughout, the compressor presents significant manufacturing challenges. Compromises often result between the conceptual design and the manufactured reality owing to these difficulties. With the five-axis capabilities, we will be able to take an optimized CAD design and produce the end hardware exactly as intended. The opportunities this presents in research and development, prototyping and design optimization cannot be overstated. Essentially, we'll be able to produce any conceivable geometry and out of any modern materials as our next generation engine designs warrant." 

Company technicians have completed a comprehensive, hands-on training session on the machine at Haas. Prototype parts are already taking shape on the machine as Turbine Technologies' machinists become more proficiant with its use. Additional training is scheduled to further acquaint development staff with the machine's operation and capabilities.

The VF-2TR adds to the company's compliment of machine tools and manufacturing equipment including CNC turning, EDM and vacuum investment casting facilities. In addition to engine development work, the mill will be utilized for new educational product prototyping, tooling development and mold making.