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TTL Offers New Educational Coursework

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TTL announces new curriculum offerings to enhance the educational value of its laboratory products.  Coursework for both the RankineCyclerTM (steam turbine system) and PumpLabTM (centrifugal pump and process control trainer) are now available.

The PumpLab™ coursework entails a 4-book series that integrates theory with hands-on operation of an actual pump process control trainer.  For example, Book 1 of this series develops theory that supports the understanding of important issues related to centrifugal pumping, including;

  •          The relationship of gravity and velocity
  •          Pressure head
  •          Pump impeller sizing
  •          Fluid specific gravity and viscosity
  •          System friction head
  •          Suction head
  •          Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) and
  •          Cavitation 

This knowledge then serves as the foundation for operation and experimentation with TTL’s PumpLab™ trainer.  Books 3 and 4 are constructed similarly, but utilize the trainers’ vector drive and National Instruments data acquisition software to develop the theory and practice of process control.  

The RankineCyclerTM Steam Turbine Power System curriculum follows a layout style and approach similar to that of the PumpLabTM.   It is the first book in a developing series on Power Production, combining classroom and lab work into an easy to follow educational resource.  Future Power Production offerings will focus on Gas Turbine and Wind Turbine Electrical Generation, as well as Gas Turbine Thrust Power.   

For a preview of the PumpLab™ coursework, please visit: 

The Controls Lab page

(click on the “Technical Papers” tab).

For a preview of the RankineCycler™ coursework, please visit:

The Steam Turbine Lab page 

(click on the “Technical Papers” tab).