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Turbine Technologies' presents in-house use of multi-jet, wax, rapid prototyping

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Live Webcast: Turbine Technologies Cuts R&D Time and Production Costs with MultiJet 3D Printing
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June 5, 2014

11 AM EDT / 8 AM PDT

1 hour

Buddy Byrum
VP Product Management
3D Systems

Toby Kutrieb
Vice President
Turbine Technologies
Learn How Turbine Technologies Cuts Prototyping Time and Production Costs by 90% with MultiJet 3D Printing

Explore how Turbine Technologies integrates ProJet® MultiJet Printing (MJP) technology to maximize iterative design by producing parts quickly, accurately and at a fraction of the costs associated with traditional manufacturing.  See how this turbine engine maker gets it right by 3D printing investment casting wax patterns to create an R&D process that doesn’t rely on expensive tooling.

For over 25 years, family-owned Turbine Technologies has been the go-to provider of educational laboratory turbine equipment for college engineering departments and technical colleges. Kutrieb Research, Turbine Technologies’ spin-off company, makes small, advanced turbine engines for vehicles including UAVs and has successfully completed contracts for the likes of NASA, the United States Naval Research Laboratory, the US Air Force, and the US Army.

In this live webcast, you'll learn:

  • ProJet 3500 series' versatile range of plastic and wax 3D printing applications
  • How Turbine Technologies shaves 5 weeks off development time and produces patterns at one-tenth of their previous costs
  • How their 3D printing investment allows the company to expand their company offerings and services to build their brand and reputation


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