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Esteemed Professor and Son visit TTL

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Turbine Technologies, LTD. (TTL) was honored to host Dr. Horacio Perez-Blanco, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Penn State University and his son Dr. Marcos Perez-Blanco, an engineer for Madison, Wisconsin-based Epic, a healthcare software developer.

Dr. Perez-Blanco has been a long-term operator of a number of TTL engineering educational systems, integrating the gas turbine, steam turbine and centrifugal pumping trainers into Penn State’s engineering labs over the past 14 years.

“Because of his strong background in energy systems, Dr. Perez-Blanco was always interested in seeing our small, but dynamic company.  He does such a great job of developing interesting methodologies to teach key energy engineering topics at Penn State”, stated applications engineer Perry Kuznar of Turbine Technologies.   

“Both gentlemen were able to see, first-hand, TTL’s integrated capabilities by touring our design center, rapid prototyping lab, vacuum investment foundry, machining center, assembly areas and jet engine test cells”, stated TTL’s vice president Toby Kutrieb.

The highlight of the visit was a “meeting of the minds” between Dr. Perez-Blanco and TTL’s Company founder and President, Mr. Wolfgang Kutrieb.  With both gentlemen so well versed in energy technologies, including jet engine development, the conversation covered many pertinent topics regarding energy technology advancements for both education and industry.

TTL team members were excited to meet both Dr. Perez-Blancos.  The connection with a long-standing customer has grown even stronger and fortifies the idea that it is highly beneficial for education and industry to work together.  “These kinds of visits help serve the future educational needs of engineers and technologists”, stated TTL president Wolfgang Kutrieb.

Dr. Horacio Perez-Blanco and Dr. Marcos Perez-Blanco

From Left to RIght:  Wolfgang Kutrieb, Dr. Perez Blanco, Dr. Marcos Perez-Blanco