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Model 6218 DAQ Product Upgrades Feature Latest National Instruments™ Systems

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Our data acquisition from National Instr.Chetek, WI, June 11, 2011—Turbine Technologies, Ltd. (TTL)

While developing the TurboGen™ Gas Turbine Electrical Generation System, Turbine Technologies, Ltd. determined their most ambitious educational lab system design to date should feature the latest onboard National Instruments data acquisition and virtual instrument panel systems.

The National Instruments™ Model 6218 USB Data Acquisition System was selected as the best available system for TurboGen™. Its convenient USB capability, large channel input capacity, and strong reputation for reliability made it a winner in the eyes of TTL engineers.

As a natural companion to the 6218 DAQ, National Instruments™ LabView™ software was chosen as the platform to develop a custom interactive virtual instrument panel to display real-time TurboGen™ operational data. Besides its seamless compatibility, LabView™ enabled developers to build advanced custom virtual instrument panels with ease and conveniently expand them as needed at a very reasonable cost. TurboGen™ Virtual Instrument Panel TurboGen™ Gas Turbine Electrical Generation System.

With the success of TurboGen™, TTL decided to update three of their most popular products to the NI DAQ and VI; the MiniLab™ Gas Turbine Power System, RankineCycler™ Steam Turbine Power System, and PumpLab™ Centrifugal Flow/Process Control System. MiniLab™ Virtual Instrument Panel MiniLab™ Gas Turbine Power System RankineCycler™ Virtual Instrument Panel RankineCycler™ Steam Turbine Power System PumpLab™ Centrifugal Flow/Process Control System PumpLab™ Centrifugal Flow Panel PumpLab™ Process Control Panel.

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