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Turbine Technologies’ recognizes Singapore based Focus Science Technology for 10 years of Sales & Customer Support

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Todd Gaines, Director of Sales at Turbine Technologies recently stated, “From the first sale of our educational gas turbine lab system in 2008, to the installation visits that took place this month at the Indonesia Airforce Academy and the Singapore Nanyang Technological University, Mr. Lim Hoon, of Focus Science Technology, has routinely extended efforts beyond my expectations. It’s been a real pleasure to work with Mr. Lim and Focus Science”.

Mike Kutrieb, of Turbine Technologies went on to state, “Clients throughout the Singapore region have benefited from the on-site sales, technical and training support that Focus Science provides.  It’s been a nonstop win-win for the last decade and we thank them for continuing to grow and support our operator family in that beautiful part of the world.  We welcome the Indonesia Airforce Academy and Nanyang Technological University into our growing operator family and thank Mr. Lim Hoon for his efforts in successfully commissioning our gas turbine lab units at those programs”.