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Georgia Southern University Utlizes Turbine Technologies' Gas Turbine Engine Lab to Investigate Alternative Fuel

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Dr. Valentine Soloui, Professor and Allen E. Paulson Distinguished Chair of the Automotive and Aerospace Combustion Laboratory at Georgia Southern University, was recently published by AIAA (American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics) for work he and his Mechanical Engineering graduate and undergrad students completed on the application of an IPK fuel, that was burned in a Turbine Technologies, Ltd.'s SR30 gas turbine engine. 


According to the paper's abstract:  "The pollution from aerospace transportation is rapidly becoming the largest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The FAA expects aviation emissions to almost triple by 2050, making the aerospace industry responsible for the release of approximately 25% of the global carbon dioxide budget. These aviation emissions, including CO2and NOx, as well as other GHGs, contribute to the destruction of ozone layer. Carbon dioxide emissions have a particularly negative effect on humans, leading to airway diseases especially in children and elderly. To combat the addition of further GHG emissions into the atmosphere, it is necessary to increase engine efficiency while reducing the NVH signature. Synthetic kerosene has a high potential for both commercial and military use due to their low soot emissions and their favorable balance of fuel properties. The purpose of this study is to investigate combustion, emissions and NVH produced by combustion of synthetic kerosene (IPK) in a drone single stage gas turbine. Electronic data acquisition systems, including microphones, accelerometers, load cells, Mie scattering for sprays characterization, a constant volume combustion chamber (CVCC) and a state of art FTIR emissions analyzer were employed to during this project on the IPK and the jet engine."

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