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First Diesel Engine Dynomometer Laboratory Delivered to California State University Long Beach

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Turbine Technologies' staff returned from California this week following the delivery of a brand new, turnkey educational lab product to the University of California Long Beach.  

Dr. Jalal Torabzadeh, Professor and the Chair of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering CSULB, along with Lecturer, Ms. Asieh Jalali-Farahani, welcomed TTL on campus for the commissioning of their new Diesel engine training system.  

Mike Kutrieb, of Turbine Technologies, stated that "The staff and faculty of CSULB couldn't have been more welcoming. This new system incorporates a diesel engine and dynomometer with a completely integrated sensor package. Software and automation tools that are typically found in modern industrial settings are also seemlessly integrated. PID control of RPM and Torque set points allow students to devise a number of scenarios to study the characteristics of this type of power production.

Todd Gaines, Director of Sales at TTL, went on to say that Cal State Long Beach has been a long time operator of our turbojet and steam turbine cycle analysis systems and we couldn't be happier that they chose our new Diesel Dynomometer tool to teach their students fundamentals of this thermodynamic cycle.

Additional product details can be viewed here: Diesel Dynomometer Lab